Ongoing wind monitoring

Ongoing wind monitoring

Wind speed is the key driver for energy generation, so it is very important to place turbines in areas of high and consistent winds in order to achieve the most efficient power generation. The Captains Mountain area is considered to be an area with a strong, consistent and viable wind resource. Importantly, the project site is also accessible for the transport of equipment and is in close proximity to existing transmission infrastructure.

Wind monitoring has been conducted by Captains Mountain Wind Farm at the proposed project site since January 2020 using portable SoDAR units. More recently, we also installed two wind monitoring masts. The wind monitoring instruments on site collect various measurements, including wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, humidity and temperature. This data will give us a better understanding of the wind resource and enable us to determine the optimum locations for wind turbines and the expected energy generation from the wind farm. The results so far have been promising.

Wind speeds in the Captains Mountain area also tend to be higher at night and lower during the day. This is opposite to a typical solar energy generation profile, which is higher during the day and zero overnight.

As the project evolves, the design will be subject to ongoing review and development to ensure that wind energy production and project benefits can be maximised while social and environmental impacts are minimised.

The Southern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone

The project area is within the proposed Southern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (QREZ) – one of the three areas identified in Queensland by the Australian Energy Market Operator as having good quality renewable resources and other characteristics suitable for renewable energy development.

You can learn more about the Queensland Renewable Energy Zones on the QREZ website.




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