Millmerran Show 2023

Millmerran Show 2023

Our project team attended the Millmerran Show 2023 on March 4th, where we had an information booth set up to inform visitors about our wind farm project and answer questions.

We were thrilled to engage with over 40 visitors who were interested in learning more about our project. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and expressed interest in our project.

It was great to have the annual show back this year, especially after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19. We shared our indicative layout map with visitors and answered their questions around topics such as grid connection, construction, expected timelines, site selection, and visual impacts. We were pleased to hear visitors share their ideas for utilising a community benefit fund that we plan to establish.

We organised a free raffle, and we were happy to announce that the prizes were won by Connor and Cooper. We also provided lots of free goodies such as keychains, toy cars, and lollies. We distributed handouts such as FAQ booklets and kids education booklets on wind energy to help visitors learn more about our project.

As part of our commitment to supporting the local community, we made a contribution towards the youth pavilion and entertainment activities, which was well-received by everyone at the Show.

We noted that people in the region are getting more familiar with wind energy projects, with several other projects in the area currently under construction. This is a positive development, and we hope that our project can contribute to the region’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.




Most of the question have been answered on our FAQ page