Community drop-in sessions 3 & 4 June 2022

Community drop-in sessions 3 & 4 June 2022 Captains Mountain Wind Farm & Vestas

Instead of hosting an information booth at the (postponed) Millmerran Show this year, we decided to organise a drop-in event at the Mill Inn Tavern on 3 and 4 June 2022 to share information about the project with people from the Millmerran community and surrounding areas.

We were delighted to welcome 54 people over the two days, ranging from those that knew a lot about the project and renewable energy in general, to others that were new to the project proposal.

We had project boards on display about the indicative project layout, expected timelines, biodiversity, noise and visual impacts. Our visual consultant also prepared photomontages to give you an impression of what the project may look like from different public viewing points surrounding the project area. We also enjoyed sharing our FAQ booklets, education packs on wind energy for kids, and some fun giveaway goodies such as hats, kites, and paper turbines.

Valuable feedback was received across a variety of perspectives and topics. Local jobs, clean energy and economic diversification were often noted as significant project benefits. We also received questions about the planned establishment of a community benefit fund to support projects and initiatives in the local area. The main concerns raised about the project were visual impact and noise. Some visitors also enquired about potential impacts on local fauna and flora.

We are trying our best to consult with the community to better understand your values and concerns. Such consultation will further inform project design and is a critical component of future project development as we progress with the preparation of the development application.

We are grateful that so many people stopped by for a chat to learn more about the project. And a big thank you to the Mill Inn Tavern for hosting us!




Most of the question have been answered on our FAQ page