Millmerran, Queensland

The Captains Mountain Wind Farm development is located approximately 10km southwest of Millmerran and 80km southwest of Toowoomba. The project is located near the Millmerran Power Station and accessible via the Gore Highway.

The proposed project area covers approximately 4,500 hectares. Only a small fraction of this area is expected to be disturbed during construction. The project will be largely compatible with existing agricultural practices.

The project will be constructed on freehold land within the Toowoomba Local Government Area. The land to be used for the project will be secured under lease agreements with local landholders.

Captains Mountain Environmental Considerations

Environmental Considerations

Although the population density is relatively low, there are several existing residences within the project area, and the proposed wind farm will be designed to minimise potential visual and noise impacts to landowners and tenants in the area. All wind turbines will be located at least 1.5 kilometres from neighbouring residences.

Much of the project area is clear of trees and dense vegetation, meaning the potential for impacts to flora and fauna is greatly reduced. As part of the planning approvals process for this project, environmental specialists are assessing a range of potential environmental impacts including landscape and visual impacts, noise and vibration, biodiversity, heritage and social impacts.

The project is located alongside the existing high-voltage transmission network, reducing the need for extensive new transmission line infrastructure to enable a connection to the grid.

An Ambitious Target

The Captains Mountain Wind Farm project would support the Queensland Government in achieving its targets of 50% renewable energy by 2030, 70% renewable energy by 2032, and 80% renewable energy by 2035.

Captains Mountain Wind Farm is proud to be playing a part in the state’s energy transition.

Environmental Target

Excellent Wind Resource

Vestas has identified the Captains Mountain area for its strong wind resource. We are using a range of innovative instrumentation and data analysis techniques to model the wind characteristics at site. The results so far have been promising.

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