Clean Energy in Regional Queensland

Captains Mountain Wind Farm Pty Ltd is developing a wind farm project near Millmerran in the Toowoomba Region of Queensland. The project will have an expected capacity of up to 250MW and an estimated investment of around $700 million.


The Captains Mountain Wind Farm project will consist of up to 35 Vestas wind turbines, each with an estimated maximum height of 255m to the uppermost blade tip. The project will connect into the existing transmission network at Millmerran, supplying clean energy to the National Electricity Market.

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Estimated $700 million invested in the Toowoomba Region

Around 250MW of new renewable energy capacity to help achieve the state’s renewable energy goals and assist with Australia’s energy transition

Around 200 new construction jobs and around 10 long-term operations jobs

Enough annual clean energy generation to power up to 127,000 average QLD homes

Recent News

Recent Sponsorships by Captains Mountain Wind Farm

Recent sponsorships by Captains Mountain Wind Farm

Captains Mountain Wind Farm has been pleased to sponsor several local organisations in the Millmerran region inspiring real change in the community. Captains Mountain Wind ...
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Captains Mountain Wind Farm Shopfront

An invitation to our community: our shopfront is open for visits

Since opening, we have had the pleasure of meeting several community members at the Captains Mountain Wind Farm shopfront located at 21 Campbell St, Millmerran. ...
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Millmerran Show 2023

Millmerran Show 2023

Our project team attended the Millmerran Show 2023 on March 4th, where we had an information booth set up to inform visitors about our wind ...
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